Saturday, May 25, 2013

May 7, 2005

From eight years ago (which boggles my mind to think that it's been eight years!) - Carolina Championship Wrestling at the Gaffney,SC Middle School on Saturday, 7 May.

On the card:

Tater Kirby vs. Hunter Thompson
Midget Match: Joe Kidd vs. Bad Boy Buck
Brad Thomas vs. Jason Jones
Chief Jay Eagle, American GI, Brian Linder vs.  vs. Ken Magnum, "Romeo" Mark Slain & Kirk Prodigy
Bobby Fulton vs. George South
David Flair vs. Brad Anderson
Barbarian vs. Madd Maxx
Best 2 of 3 Falls: Rock 'n' Roll Express 2005 (Ricky Morton & Brad Armstrong) vs. Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Bobby Eaton) managed by Brad Stutts
Battle for the title of real Living Legend - Texas Bunkhouse Falls Count Anywhere Match: Terry Funk vs. Dusty Rhodes

**The Funk/Rhodes match can be seen on the DVD-"The Rise & Fall of Carolina Championship Wrestling" available from**

This was the first of a couple of shows I shot for Tony Hunter's CCW before he went out of business.  His shows drew great crowds - he used a good mix of legends talent and up & comers, along with occasional gimmicky matches such as midgets and ladies.

"Primetime" Brian Linder, seen here from match 4,  was an Assistant Principal in Gaffney - he died in a car accident on  August 23, 2009.

One of our personal favorites, George South - applying the infamous stomach clawhold to Bobby  Fulton!

Second Generation Anderson - Brad Anderson holding his father Gene's trademark gold & maroon boots.  For a great read on the Andersons, check out the "Minnesota Wrecking Crew" book by our friend Dick Bourne here. 

It was a great feeling being able to shoot at ringside with two guys I grew up watching - Funk & Rhodes, it was all I could do to keep professional the whole time. 

Best sign(s) of the night.

Was there blood?  With these two?  Of course: 

First time shooting Matt Hardy, the crowd was deafening. 

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