Thursday, May 9, 2013

"A quick flash of fortune..."

"A quick flash of fortune, an unexpected adventure, a snapshot to embrace as one of those moments that build us up."

The line caught my eye this morning as I was reading "The Rise and Fall of a Reality TV Star.  In Nine Days." by Geoff Edgers over on the Esquire Culture Blog.

It made me think about wrestling and it really summed up my experience with it. Yes, I do of it.  I'm watching more movies these days though instead driving up and down the interstates.

I've been behind in posting pics on the site I know - I've gotten a lot of nice feedback on the Reid Flair post, so thank you all.

Summer is starting, so they'll be plenty of indy action to keep up with - check out our friends below (in alphabetical order):

American Pro Wrestling in Spartanburg, SC

Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia, GA

Premiere Wrestling Xperience in Charlotte,NC  et al

Southern Wrestling Association in Forest City, NC

Trans-South Wrestling in Union, SC

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