Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Spring Cleaning...

Welcome to ringsidephotos.net - 2013!  For you long time visitors to the site, you will notice a major change in the design.  This change has come about because as you well know, I am not shooting wrestling shows at the same pace I once did.  After I "retired" in January 2010, I did stay slightly active and shot shows for Premiere Wrestling Xperience, Ring of Honor and one more "Hardcore Hell" at NWA Anarchy.  The last show I did was Southern States Wrestling in Mt. Carmel, TN on 27 October 2012.

I have slimmed down the site a good bit, but my galleries, etc are all located over on the right side of the site.  My plans as of now are to perhaps start doing a "photo of the week," where I would go through the archives of ringsidephotos and bring some older, possibly never been seen photos to the site.

Thanks to everyone for their support and the kind words I still receive at shows, I hope you enjoy the new ringsidephotos.net.

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