Sunday, June 1, 2014

New Book - The Last Rassler

We got word this weekend that our friend Dick Bourne from the Mid-Atlantic Gateway has finished up a new book: The Last Rassler: My Adventures with No. 1 George South.  We were also told that some of our photos are used in the book!  Looking forward to checking it out, George is one of our favorite guys to talk with and watch in and out of the ring.  Click here or on the photo above to purchase a copy. 

Friday, April 25, 2014

Steven Walters - ringsidephotos restrospective

We unfortunately missed Steven Walters' last indy appearance at Anarchy Wrestling in Cornelia, GA on Saturday, 12 April.  We wish the best to our friend Steven as he takes the next step in his career.  Even though I missed the show, I still wanted to make some sort of post, so I thought why not do a "ringsidephotos restrospective?"  I've gone through the RSPDN archives and pulled some photos that haven't been online in years and a few that have never been published.

6 January 2006 - AWC in Greenville, SC.  The "Stray Cat" Brodie Ray Chase ran three nights a week in Greenville and it was here we first shot Steven.  Teaming with Tom Williams vs. T.J. Mack & Thomas Simpson. 

13 January 2006 - Live Action Wrestling in Sanford, NC.  Steven vs. Kirby Mack.

29 July 2006 - UWA in Marion, NC.  In a triple threat match (I think) with Myric Moore and eventual New Wave tag team partner Derrick Driver. 

26 February 2007 - UWA in Marion, NC.  Here Steven humiliates a tiny referee and then looks pretty smug about it. 

7 April 2007 - NWA Anarchy in Cornelia, GA. A very early appearance of "New Wave" - the tag team of Steven and partner Derrick Driver, here facing "Stray Cat" Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix. 

2 October 2007 - NWA Anarchy.  1st promo photos with New Wave tag team, interrupted by Austin Creed, now better known as Xavier Woods

12 July 2008 - NWA Anarchy.  Here New Wave gets promo advice from Melissa Coates and Sal Rinauro.

24 January 2009 - Debut at NWA Charlotte.

18 April 2009 - NWA Anarchy. In one of the bloodier confrontations I've shot at Anarchy, New Wave regained the tag team titles from J.T. Talent & Andrew Pendleton III. 

30 April 2011 - Pride & Honor Wrestling in Gastonia, NC.  Vs. "Queen of the Mountain" John Skyler.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

SWA, 14th Annual Rhymer Cup

I took an impromptu trip to Southern Wrestling Association's 14th annual Rhymer Cup tag team tournament this past Friday.  It had been a few years since I had traveled to the Cup and had a fun time sitting at ringside just taking in the show with Franklin & Pam Dove, and reliable "Indy" Jack.  SWA always brings an interesting mix of teams to the annual tournament and always works hard to give their fans a good show.   

I took just a few photos from my seated position, and you can check them out by clicking here

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Our friends over at ("What's your website George?...My name DOT COM!") have updated their splash page with one of our photos from last night's Big Time Wrestling show - check it out!

Big Time Wrestling, 2/28/14

Paid a visit to Big Time Wrestling's premiere event at the historic Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium last night. It was a sell out crowd of 1612, who were hot throughout the event.  It was fun to visit and catch up with a lot of folks I don't get to see anymore.  BTW did a great job and will probably be returning to the Auditorium in the future.

Click here for a few photos I took last night.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Next Show...a must read blog...

Time for my (somewhat) monthly check-in!  Hope you all had a good holiday season.  With my work schedule these first couple of months of 2014, the next show that I would be able to shoot is looking to be Anarchy Wrestling's annual Hardcore Hell in March (which, 9 years ago was where the genesis of this site started with one picture). 

Also, you long time fans of the site know of my friendship and past with the multi-talented (and occasional pain in the ass) Kirby Mack.  Kirby is moving into a new part of his life, and is sharing his thoughts and remembrances over the next 30 days on his blog.  Check out the beginning entry here.  We love Kirby and enjoy his posts and honesty.  Check them out: